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web development


N R Creative Team specializes in developing a dynamic, innovative and sophisticated websites and applications. Our experienced team develops flexible and scalable solutions that meet your objectives while contributing directly to your bottom line. We have a long list of internet deliverable for a range of organizations, from corporate web development to small business websites and applications.

Web development process:

1. Requirement gathering: – we gather all your requirements and suggest you the best possible way to deliver a web solution.

2. Research & analysis: – our analysis and experience, proactively suggest solutions that stretch the client’s thinking. We research what will be intended to achieve and what your target market will receive from your website.

3. Design & development: – in this phase of designing the techniques of what all features are to be included and what all techniques are to be utilized for same are finalized. After interface design has been approved, we will build the application, including any functionality specified in the functional specifications

4. Deployment & testing: – after completing the process of designing and development comes the testing phase. In this the product is tested for its error free working and efficiency. Deployment starts after the code is appropriately tested, in this phase we also provide training classes for our clients to know the working process of the software.

5. Maintenance and consultation on future aspects: – our process of development comes to an end at the stage of maintenance and post implementation. We also provide free consultation for future requirements/aspects this helps our customer to get a better result.
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N R Creative Team Support Center

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